Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Guess who is the Star!

During my last night teaching at Salsa@6 a IndyStar photograph stopped by and took some pictures. I was surprise that I got in last Sunday's issue of the Star because the photograph never asked me for my name. I would guess that the other dancers gave him my name. The lovely lady that I am dancing with is Sylvia White. There are also pictures of Roz Wells and Lana Hayes. Anyways, looks like I have another picture to post on my myspace page (please add me as your friend!).

You can find all the pictures in the Star's Multimedia page, just click on the Seen Scene link.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sorry Chad and Karina!

In a pervious blog post I blogged about the ESPN World Salsa Championships and mention Chad and Karina in this article because of their involvement in the competition and made a few comments and opinions on their involvement. A couple of days ago I got to talk to Chad and Karina and I found out that my opinion was interpreted as a personal attack on them.

The post was never intended as a person attack on Chad and Karina, but after talking to them, I can see how it can be interpreted as such (The wonders of written communications). I feel that stating my personal opinions in my blog is what blogging is all about, but when you have a blog that can touch people personally there are times when messages can be misinterpreted and feelings hurt.

As with any mistake that I make, I will try my best to patch things up. Chad and Karina, I apologize for the opinions that I made, you guys have come a long way and have proven yourselves to be great dancers with potential. You have showed Indianapolis that our small salsa community can accomplish great things.