Sunday, April 13, 2008

In Transit - It is never easy to say goodbye

Whenever I invite a friend for their first night of salsa dancing, a typical question I am asked is what should I wear? I tell them that it depends on your mood. If you are in a casual mood then wear jeans and shirt, if you are feeling ‘sexy’ then put on your hottest club clothes.

Dance attire for most salsa clubs are never homogeneous. I guess that would make sense because salsa it self is not homogeneous. Salsa dancers are given the freedom to express themselves though both their interpretation of the music and though the clothing that they wear.

For women finding the ‘right’ dress is easy, there are hundreds of clothing stores and thousands of choices, but what about the guys? While we have a selection of nice shirts and pants, our selection is somewhat limited.

For myself I like to be very expressive (surprise?), and I felt that a majority of men’s clothing stores in Indianapolis are too conservative. That change when I came across a store call In Transit. In Transit carries clothing that could be classified as metro-sexual. The best way to describe what this means are shirts and pants with unique artwork/design and have a more fitted look. I really liked the fitted look because a boxy shirt can mask body movement and isolations. Also In Transit carries a limited supply and refreshes their clothing line every other week, which limits the likely hood that someone else in the club will have the same shirt or pants as you.

To my disappointment I recently found out that In Transit closed both of its Indianapolis locations and the only evidence left of this great store is their company profile I found on the web. I never like to shop for clothing till I found this store and now it is gone. As I wipe the tears from my eyes, I say goodbye. I am not sure if I will find another store like this one, well at least here in Indianapolis. For now I will take my shopping online. Here are a few links that I have found, but I know there better links out there.