Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Are cortisone injections the answer?

About a two years ago I injured both my knees during a racquetball game, which triggered my arthritis. With my active lifestyle and my family's history with arthritis, I knew that this fate was coming. I just wished it did not happen so soon and could have at least waited until my 30s.

About a year ago I decided to try the surgical route, which provided little to no pain relief for my knees. While the arthritis pain that I have after a long night of dancing is certain, it has not stopped me from doing what I love to do. My grandmother who has arthritis tried cortisone injections; they helped a lot with her pain, and hopefully my body will react the same. I am planning on attending the StuckOnSalsa Cruise at the end of November and I really want to attend this cruise without worrying about waking up with inflamed knees and having to ice them down day after day, which has almost become my daily routine.

I am scheduled to visit the doctor this Thursday, so wish me luck! If everything goes well, I should still be able to attend the Salsa De Los Muertos Masquerade party this Friday at Adobo Grill and teach the free salsa lesson.

While cortisone injections will not cure me of my arthritis, there is a good chance that it will stop the inflammation and pain for a few months.

I hope that they find a cure for arthritis in my lifetime; I miss the days where I could go running or inline skating for hours and not have a care in the world.